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Professor Zamorra - Folge by Michael Breuer & Oliver Fröhlich PDF Download. Bett liegt Great ebook you want to read is Free download With Discount PDF Format Airbook Professor Zamorra. Folge Free TXT. You can Free download. Professor Zamorra - Horror-Serie by Veronique Wille is Horror Seit Jahrhunderten wurde das namenlose Dorf unterhalb des Schlosses.

The great White Race could have had the world, a beautiful world, all to itself a long, long time ago, had it only created for itself a racial religion to rally around, a religion that could and would unite it, give it concrete goals, direction and the inspiration to pursue those goals and directions for its own undivided benefit.

Only as recently as fifty years ago, before the devastating and suicidal event of World War II, the White Race was supreme and unchallenged throughout the world. The mud races in India, Africa and even China were either in the control of, or controlled by, the White nations of Europe. The only threat to the White nations, were other White nations manipulated by Jews.

Today the White Man has been driven out of all these areas, not by force of arms, but through treachery of their own Jew-controlled governments. We can look at Britain, France, Belgium, the United States especially the United States and find that betrayal and treachery turned over most of the land areas of the world to the mud races.

But the treachery did not end there. The White Man especially in the United States is now feeding and subsidizing most of the mud races of the world, and the mud races are exploding in numbers at a rate unprecedented in all history.

Not only have the mud races exploded and taken over most of the land masses of this Planet Earth, but they are invading and colonizing the home territories of the White Man himself — England, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Canada, Australia, and the United States, again, especially the United States and the White Man is not lifting a finger to stop them.

The United States is now becoming the dumping grounds for all the scum, criminals, free-loaders and mud races of the world. It is all part of the Jewish program to mongrelize the White Race into extinction and replace it with a mongrelized mixture of brown zombies, dumb, subservient and thoroughly enslaved.

Before we come to the solution of this abominable situation, there are a few more misdirected ideas that are being bandied about by our polyglot White racial groups. Divide the White Race into two opposing groups — then with a small leverage, control the outcome.

{DOWNLOAD} Manfred H. Rückert - Professor Zamorra - Folge 1065 [PDF]

We have belabored this stupid claim that we, the White Race, are the real Israelites, on numerous occasions, and will not take the space here to review it again. He has not read ancient German history in German language in Palestine, namely the presence of the white nordic race exterminated and driven out by the Jews with the help of bribed Ceasar.

This outdated relic from the Civil War is not an adequate symbol representing the hopes and aspirations of the White Race today. At best, it recalls a tragic blunder, instigated and manipulated by the Rothschild Jews of large armies of White Men killing other White Men in a stupid and disastrous war that never should have been fought.

It was a shameful, cruel, tyrannical war presumably fought over the emancipation of niggers, but in reality it was a war between Eastern Jew power and money power to destroy the wealthy White Southern plantation owners. In either case, it is a war of which we are not proud, and the Confederate flag represents the losers, just as the Christian cross with a Jew hanging on it represents a loser.

The Confederate flag also symbolizes the defense of black slavery, an idea we Creators deem highly repugnant. We do not want to enslave anybody, nor exploit the inferior races. What White Man or Woman today would favor the importation and exploitation of black slaves? In fact, we curse those greedy White exploiters who combined with the Jewish slave-trader and dragged the scum from black Africa onto our shores, only to now leave us with the consequences of an eve spreading black plague.

This, far more clearly represents the goals and sentiment of the White Race on a global basis than does the Confederate flag. For the last forty years more than twenty thousand groups have come and gone deploring the effects of the Jewish onslaught but never coming to grips with the real cause — the Jewish master plan to mongrelize and destroy the White Race so that they can enslave the world without any threat from a formerly intelligent, vigorous, aggressive White Race.

Few of these organizations ever really identified the enemy the Jews , nor the means by which we were being destroyed Christianity and Communism nor did any of them ever come up with a comprehensive plan as to how to overcome this sinister menace.

All we have heard from these groups is — deplore and lament! A rehash of past history for the umpteenth time of how we got into this mess! Having thoroughly depressed and discouraged our White Racial Comrades, these Jeremiahs then leave the reader hanging in his misery, never coming up with a viable solution.

We not only have a solution — but in a powerful comprehensive racial religion, we have the only solution. Our program reads as follows:. We Creators are determined that the winner take all — that the White Race colonize, occupy and inhabit all — and we mean all — the beneficent territory of this Planet Earth.

It is too late to play Santa Claus and divvy up territories to our enemies. It is a stupid idea today, and it was a suicidal idea in the past. We do not need the mud races to survive.

Our unswerving attitude must be — to hell with the Jews! To hell with the niggers! To hell with the mud races! We will either take all, inhabit all, or we will drown in a sea of mud races. The world is becoming far too crowded to support both us and them. In so doing, we do not want to ever again make the mistakes of history. We do not want to exploit or enslave any of the mud races. Nor will we further subsidize, educate them nor support them in any way.

We just want to get rid of them by boycotting them and letting them wither on the vine and reach their own demise. This Planet Is All Ours. In this approach we are following the good American Way, the same program our illustrious ancestors pursued in building America and the Winning of the West.

See Creative Credo No. We do not want to destroy, we want to build a Whiter and Brighter World, to unite the White Race under one powerful all-encompassing religion where the bottom line is the best interests of the White Race and the White Race alone — its survival, expansion and advancement.

You bet we can.

We have the numbers there are still million White Racial Comrades on this planet , we have the intelligence, we have the energy, and yes, we even have the financial means. Just one White multimillionaire like one of the Hunts, or a Ross Perot, could bankroll the whole Creativity movement all the way to victory.

We Creators will neither accept nor tolerate a program that would Burmaize or fragmentize our greatest of all White homelands, namely the United States of America. Nor will we condone or tolerate such a program of Apartheid for any other country on the face of this planet.

We are determined to pursue a course of unrelenting expansion for the White Race until we have colonized and inhabited all the benign and benevolent lands and territories of this Planet Earth.

This planet is now too crowded for the White Race to survive in a sea of mud races, even If we wanted to, and we do not. We sure as hell will not be so cowardly as to condemn our future progeny to be relegated to a horde of stupid brown bastards. We are determined and committed to a program of not only survival, but to insuring that survival by expanding to the limit of our ability. We want it all, and by Jupiter, we will have it all.

In order to do so we are determined to follow our unswerving program as previously stated and spelled out in Rahowa! We will then be able to control our own affairs, our own destiny, our own government, our own finances, our own education, and all the rest of the accoutrements that go to make up a brilliant, prosperous White. The rest of the mud races will then be of no particular problem, though they outnumber us 20 to 1.

All we will then have to do is have the good sense to stop feeding and subsidizing these hungry freeloaders and they will wither on the vine and quietly shrink back into oblivion.

We now have the means, we have the intelligence, we have the numbers. We are determined to meet Fire with Fire. As far as the White Race is concerned, there is absolutely no future for us in collaborating with the mud races. Planet Earth is the only habitat the White Race needs or should ever want.

We say mass distribution of W. Any White Man who would want to be a descendant of these fictional Jewish swine who at best are moral reprobates must be clear out of his cotton picking mind.

We have no intention of being either overly modest nor being braggarts. We are determined to stay on target and hit the enemy straight between the eyes. Contrary to the lies, Germany started neither war. And how many more genocides were there by Christians?

The Poles murdered the Ukrainians a couple hundred years ago by the thousands because they would not convert from the Russian Orthodox Church to the Catholic church. With approval of the Polish Catholic priests, and they were present at the horror, the Ukrainian men were tortured to death deliberately by Catholic Poles before their wife and children.

This has been documented. The Jews invaded Palestine where the Nordic People lived Germans and invaded the Roman empire Nordic people bringing them all down by usurpation, deception, usury, bribery, and race mixing. That empire went down due to the Christian guilt-religion, threat of hellfire, and partly due to mongrelization.

Dark races were specifically imported by the Jews for that! I gather from old history that I have read or heard of that Jesus was a German freedom fighter in Palestine against the Jews because at the times of Jesus the white race populated all of Palestine as the leaders. The Bible is written from ancient German history, debased, changed, and lies added for the benefit of the Jews.

We never can really figure out the Bible, because it is purposefully written this way to keep us guessing, ancient true history mixed with Jewish fables. Furthermore the construction of the language is just as garbled up as the Jewish mind. Dubious language, multiple possible interpretations. It was a torturous journey for me as a Christian trying to read the Bible. I made many attempts but could never get very far as I did not have the patience to put up with its contradictions and was appalled by its murders and threats.

The same happened in the sisterhood. Professor Zamorra - Horror-Serie: Blutmond German Edition Further, good peoples of all races were murdered and genocided time and time again by the church for being heathen. After I found out how innocent our German people were in World War One and Two and how Christians were genocided, I could no longer believe in a just and loving God; such a God can be nothing but a human imagination in his desperation.

Of course, many Germans have been Judeafied, meaning have become criminal in their actions in business; and many Germans have mixed blood with jews and other races. Their Germanic gene pool is destroyed, and they cannot be trusted. Their actions have to be sharply examined and evaluated and one must be guarded in dealing with them.

But with some of them, you will never know they have other racial blood. Whatever evil the Jews claim of others, as a rule, I find reversing this gives me the truth. The Jews are the ones who are committing horrid evil and blame it on others! It was a Jewish revolution! Then they murdered between 66 to Million Russians, many of them tortured in the most bestial, heinous sexual ways.

Then Jewish Hollywood makes movies falsely accusing German soldiers committing such bestial, heinous sexual crimes. The Jews just simply transfer their own crimes upon others, foremost the 20th Century scapegoat, the Germans, as it is their goal to destroy the Germans first. See the Jew-Angela Merkel government and all the Jew-chancellors before that, what they have done to the Germans psychologically and physically, starting already in school in early childhood.

By claiming this is the End Times, the Jews get away with genocide and omnicide, which they always do in hidden ways, blaming it on God. For their extermination plan they hire non-Jews. And the people, as good sheep, blame it on God, too.

But for themselves, they have created a militant religion to kill us and kill all peoples. The Jews have psyched us out thoroughly with psychology they developed in Germany against the Germans and brought here in treating Americans without a scientific background of this psychology and without a degree. The purpose was to psych us out and screw up our mind, turning it against our own parents. They know exactly how the white man ticks; and according to this the Jew manipulates the white man.

Natures Eternal Religion-Ben Klassen. Was war ein Nazi? Auftrag von oben; von den Juden! Warum war dieses amerikanische Schwein auf den Knien? Hat er die Deutschen wohl in den Unterkoerper geschossen? Der Rechts, ist ein Mischling. US beasts sit full of pride on dead German soldiers and prison guards they have just murdered in front of the concentration camp. Die Deutschen waren die besten Soldaten, auch bei Auschwitz! American murderers mowing down innocent concentration camp guards.

Im Falle Hitlers hat sein Sozialismus nichts mit dem kommunistischen Sozialismus zu tun! Der Sturz ging fehl! Im zweiten Fall ist es gezielte Falschinformation! Diese letzteren Typen schleichen sich in Demonstrationen der ruhigen und geduldigen deutschen Buerger ein und sorgen fuer Unruhen und Falschsteuerungen. By the way, there are several meanings for socialist.

Contrary to the lies by the Allied books and media under the control of the Jews, the Nazi was a patriotic, noble, just, disciplined and honorable man who loved his homeland. The Germans are so intelligent, successful, prolific and inventive, that the only way to stop them from being the leaders in the world is to enslave them, keep their scientific inventions from the world and steal them for an elect group, murdering inventors, under a war occupation government, the ILLEGAL Federal Republic of Germany Bundesrepublik put on top of the Deutsches Reich that still exists, under Jewish control Andrea Merkel and many other former Jewish chancellors.

In the second case it is deliberate misinformation! Soldiers and Civilians from most of the main Allied nations participated in the rape, robbing, torture and murder of the German civilians and soldiers.

This post is about the German civilians. In diesem Beitrag geht es um die deutschen Zivilisten. Das haben wir den Juden und ihren Handlangern zu verdanken. Ich frage mich, warum die Regierenden das verstecken? Es waren nicht die Deutschen, die den Krieg wollten oder ihn begonnen hatten! Das war so geplant. Deshalb hatten sie die Polen laufend aufgehetzt die deutsche Grenze immer wieder anzugreifen und tausende von Deutsch-Polen aufs Grausamste zu Tode zu foltern.

Die Juden-Alliierten planten und wollten diesen Krieg. Hinzu kommen die 3 Millionen deutsche Soldaten, die im Kampf gefallen sind. Natuerlich ist das folgende Buch voller Luegen ueber die Deutschen aber hier koennen Sie ueber die Rache der Jude lesen; dabei haben doch die Juden Deutschland den Krieg erklaert am Aber es war doch alles ein Plan die Deutschen Menschen auszurotten.

Mit Logik hat das nichts zu tun; nur mit Menschenhass eines Untiers: This was finagled by the Jews and their Henchmen. These wars against Germany were set up by the Jews and their henchmen and instigated with hate speech and endless lies since they control the media in most countries.

The anti German agenda started already before WW1 to bring the successful German empire down and get rid of the German king.

They lie about who started the war and who wanted war and have continued ever since. It was not the Germans who wanted war and not the Germans who started it. The situation with Poland was a local conflict, and Poland started it. England and France turned the conflict into a world war by declaring war on Germany. That was the plan. Therefore, Britain had constantly incited the Poles for war, instigating the Poles to attack the German border again and again and to torture thousands of German Poles to death, from babies to grand parents.

The Jewish Allies planned and wanted this war. Note, if I count the 3 Million German Prisoners of War who perished in the death camps as civilians and add them to the civilian death numbers of 12 Million, then the total civilian deaths numbers are 15 Million, as I frequently state on my blogs.

In addition, there are the 3 Million German soldiers who died in battle. Therefore, a total of 18 Million Germans perished due to the second word war that the Jews planned via the Jew-Kingdom England since They planned 3 World wars to eliminate the white race, and foremost the Germans, because we whites are so successful and creative, that we are a threat to them always have been over the centuries but have been tolerating the Jewish crimes and usury against our European peoples until we no longer could.

The Jews made it their business after the war as civilians or soldiers and during the war as partisans to destroy the Germans in the cruelest way. Of course the following book is full of lies about the Germans but here you can read about the revenge of the Jews; but they declared war on Germany on March 24,!

They deserved to be in a camp. But it was all along a plan to exterminate the Germans, and everything was instigated. Logic has nothing to do with it all; only human hatred by a beast, the Jew: Wonder why they hide this? The crime of the century committed on the Germans has so far neither been honored nor are our former war opponents willing to officially recognize this tragedy.

The design of the memorial site shows 12 graphite granite walls standing in a circle for the individual groups of victims with numbers of victims and coats of arms on the front side V and memorial words on the back side R. In the center of the memorial stands an obelisk as a light beam turned into a stone made of reddish granite, for the future of our people. The defenseless and weaponless victims of the German people in mourning and in love.

{DOWNLOAD} Manfred H. Rückert - Professor Zamorra - Folge 1080 [PDF]

The million-fold sufferings of the Germans Endured even after the end of the Second World War The horror of the German prisoners in the camps Their dying in wet and cold, hunger and thirst Despair and agony Women, children and the elderly Chased away, fleeing from their house and land Expelled, shot, raped, beaten Drowned in the icy Baltic Sea Suffocated, charred, buried in bombing nights Through forced labour, hunger and torture exterminated.

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Die Geisterreiter Leonardos hatten ihre Spur gefunden. Asmodis hatte viele Tarnexistenzen. Willst du Zeuge sein, wenn er stirbt? Denn sonst hat er die Chance, zu entkommen! Also streng dich an, mein Bester! Und es sind viele. Es knallte kurz und trocken als die Schnauze des Mercedes mit der Plastikschranke zusammenprallte. Splitter zerplatzten in alle Himmelsrichtungen. Aber er machte den Fehler, aus dem Fenster zu sehen. Damit wurde der Fall zu den Akten gelegt.

Hinter ihm galoppierte das Grauen. Hunnen, die mit Attila geritten waren. Wilde Mongolen aus Dschingis Khans heulenden Horden. Meter um Meter holten sie auf. Aber diese Dinge waren bedeutungslos. Holten sie die unheimlichen Verfolger ein, waren sie verloren.

Der Millionenerbe hatte an alles gedacht. Aber vielleicht bekamen sie dadurch die wenigen Augenblicke Zeit, die ihnen fehlten. Das erkannte Professor Zamorra aber nur am Rande.

Und er kannte den Grund. Leonardos Geisterreiter hatten die Sperre erreicht. Trompetenhaftes Wiehern durchzitterte die Luft. Hinter ihm parierten seine Geisterreiter ihre unheimlichen Reittiere.

Einen Zaun wie diesen hatten sie noch nie gesehen. Er handelte sofort. Augenblicklich suchte er den geistigen Kontakt mit Sancho de Muertos. Und dann erblickte er die Situation mit den Augen des Skelettkriegers.

Leonardo de Montagne kannte sich in der jetzigen Welt relativ gut aus. Sie hatte Waffen. Leonardo de Montagne gab einen Gedankenbefehl.

Professor Zamorra

Die Klinge beschrieb einen blitzenden Kreisbogen und sauste herab. Sie durchschnitt das Maschengitter wie Papier. Mit hohlem Heulen fielen Leonardos Geisterreiter ein. Mochte der Teufel wissen, wer irgendwann zwischen den Landebahnen die Flasche geleert hatte um sie dann einfach ins Gras fallen zu lassen.

Aber das Ergebnis merkte er sofort. Es knallte kurz und trocken, als die Scherben der Rotweinflasche das Gummi des Reifens zerschnitten. Es war wie eine kleine Explosion. Reifenteile flogen durch die Luft. Alle verneinten die Frage. Die Gurte hatten sich als Lebensretter erwiesen. Raus hier! Es klirrte und regnete Scherben, als er mit dem Knauf seines Taschenrevolvers die Frontscheibe des Wagens herausschlug. Bei der Geschwindigkeit, mit der die Geisterreiter heranrasten, eine riesige Entfernung.

Was soll denn das? Die unheimlichen Reiter hatten das Wrack des Mercedes erreicht. Das Projektil schwirrte durch die Luft. Und traf! In diesem Feuersturm vergingen viele der Skelettkrieger. Unter ihnen wurde auch die Existenz des Sancho de Muertos vernichtet. Der Angriff der Skelettkrieger geriet ins Stocken. Er durfte nicht entkommen.

Leonardo de Montagne antwortete nicht. Viele waren es nicht mehr. Hier stehen vier Menschenleben auf dem Spiel. Fahr los. Ich gehe an die Luke! Die Hand des Co-Piloten winkte. Wenn die Jet sie erreichte, waren auch die Geisterreiter heran. Nervig umspannten seine Finger den Griff des Zauberschwertes. Nur noch einige Meter. Das rettete ihm das Leben. Abrupt bremste er seinen Lauf und wirbelte herum.

Es gelang ihm gerade noch, die Lanze aus einer Skeletthand zu schlagen, die ein ehemaliger Ulan auf den am Boden liegenden Jungen schleudern wollte. Ich komme! Alle zugleich! Der ist es. Jetzt sofort. Mit einem Satz war er an der Strickleiter. Aber sie verschafften ihm nicht die Zeit, weiterzuklettern. Flink wie ein Wiesel huschte er ins Cockpit. Dann rollte die Maschine an. Aber die Geisterreiter waren schnell.

Sie blieben dran. Keine Chance, zu entkommen. Am Boden entkommen wir ihnen nicht. Aber Zamorra war mit normalen Menschen nicht gleichzusetzen. Im selben Augenblick wurde der Jet steil nach oben gezogen. Hier drohte eine andere Gefahr. Unter einer Wolkendecke verschwand der Flugplatz von Lyon. Und mit ihm die Geisterreiter des Leonardo de Montagne.

Von da aus setzen wir uns nach Dorset ab! Und du wirst Schwierigkeiten haben, festzustellen, wohin sie fliehen!


Asmodis betrachtete die Auseinandersetzung manchmal wie ein Schachspieler. Ganz sicher steht hinter ihm die Macht der Schicksalswaage. Ich will meine Rache! Rache an Zamorra! Er kannte die Stimme nur zu genau.Es geht um Menschenleben. Even then, the backward Indians were extremely slow to catch on and for centuries thereafter still used the travois laboriously scraping over the landscape.

The central obelisk carries following inscription. Were we going to continue to hypocritically promote and espouse the Jewish-Christian blather? Aber diese Dinge waren bedeutungslos.

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