Morning Star is a science fiction novel by American author Pierce Brown, the third in his . The Rising is the revolutionary movement featured in the book, which seeks to reform or overthrow the ruling hierarchy to achieve fair treatment. Start by marking “Morning Star (Red Rising, #3)” as Want to Read: Golden Son changed the game and took the story of Darrow to the next level. Now comes the exhilarating conclusion to the Red Rising Trilogy: Morning Star. Editorial Reviews. Review. An site Best Book of February : An entire trilogy rarely stays strong all the way through. The middle may sag.

Morning Star Book

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Compre o livro Morning Star: Book III of the Red Rising Trilogy na br: confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e importados. Morning Star is the third book in the Red Rising series written by Pierce Brown. It is preceded by Red Rising and Golden Son. Darrow would have lived in peace. Book of the Month. Morning Star by Pierce Brown is the third and final book of the Red Rising trilogy, a book that was hyped beyond belief given how good.

Regulus ag Sun, a. As the co-founder of the Sons of Ares, Quicksilver stops funding Sevro and his terrorist activities but is nevertheless instrumental in building their secret hideout city, Tinos. Quicksilver believes that the Society has brought the mankind's evolution to a halt and has stifled the scientific progress to maintain dominance.

In his view, what the downtrodden race of Reds do should be done by robots. For the second half of the book, he contributes to The Rising through cyberwarfare. He is caught sabotaging the Jackal's satellites and is tortured and executed. His execution is broadcast to Darrow's fleet, triggering the Obsidian riot led by Sefi. The Society[ edit ] The Society is the tyrannical government that has ruled the whole solar system but lost control of all planets beyond the asteroid belt before the start of the book.

It characters include: Adrius au Augustus, a. Jackal is not afraid of genocide, having bombed one city from space during the events of the book. Before the events of the novel, the Jackal has stolen nuclear warheads, each having a yield of 30 megatons. He has ordered these warheads to be planted on Luna, the capital of the Society, and plans to used them as leverage to become the Sovereign.

When the Sovereign dies, the Jackal uses the same gambit against Darrow, but loses. Alia Snowsparrow Obsidian : Queen of the Obsidian tribe Valkyries, she is famous for her devotion to her Gods and her religion. Unbeknownst to all, Alia knows that her Gods are a ruse, yet becomes part of the ruse to remain the ruler. When she refuses to abandon the charade, she is killed by her daughter, Sefi.

Cassius au Bellona, the Morning Knight Gold : Cassius and Darrow harbor deep hatred towards one another as Darrow has been instrumental in extermination of the Bellona family and Cassius has previously killed several of Darrow's friends. Cassius, however, hosts a damaged sense of honor and loyalty which has turned him into a confused character.

He spends the large part of the book in captivity. However, he strikes an alliance with Darrow when he sees footage given to him by Darrow of his family being assassinated by the Jackal's forces. Octavia au Lune Gold : the Sovereign of the Society. She became Sovereign by decapitating her own father a tyrannical Sovereign and presenting it to the senate.

She ruled for sixty years and is a staunch believer that the color system brings about the prosperity of the mankind. Ironically, her first spoken words in the book convey that she cannot be bothered with civilian casualties. Roque au Fabii, a. Although Darrow calls him a former friend, in reality, he has been an enemy of Darrow far longer than Darrow realizes.

Defeated in the battle of the outer rim, Roque commits suicide. Antonia au Severus-Julii Gold : Praetor of the Fifth and Sixth Legions and Victra's half-sister, she has shot Victra in the spines and is the reason she spent a year under torture in the custody of the Jackal. During the battle of the outer rim, she commits dereliction of duty. As such, the Sovereign has her executed.

Lysander au Lune Gold : grandson and heir of the Sovereign. Magnus au Grimmus, a. Near the end of the book, he battles the fleet of the rising but is convinced to end the combat when nuclear bombs of the Jackal begin detonating on Luna.

At the behest of the Mustang, he directs the loyalists to fire on the Jackal's flagship. Her mentor has likened fighting Aja to fighting a river. Aja puts up a fierce battle before dying and is only overcome by the combined forces of four Golds. Lilath au Faran Gold : Companion of the Jackal and the leader of his Boneriders division, she is placed on the Jackal's flagship to detonate nukes on Luna. While Red Rising and Golden Son jumped out of the blocks, Morning Star takes a far more measured approach, allowing Darrow and the reader to process all of the events that happened at the end of Golden Son.

This type of reflection and character growth had to happen at some point in the books, it definitely would not have worked to have Darrow suddenly grow off-screen, but as a result the hype train lost of all its steam and it took some time to regain the momentum provided by Golden Son.

With Morning Star, Brown expands the scope of his story to the entire solar system, involving Gold warlords from beyond the asteroid belt who Darrow attempts to get on his side, hoping that their hatred of the core planets outweighs their hatred of the Reds and their uprising.

With fleets of ships traversing the solar system, it was necessary for Brown to have some sizeable time jumps between chapters, and while I appreciate the necessity of these time jumps, it did disrupt the flow of the story and make it feel slightly disjointed. I've talked about the issues I had with this story, but let me say that these issues were far outweighed by how awesome the characters, action, setting and overall story were.

Darrow, Mustang, Sevro and the team are among some of the finest characters I have read about. The villains in this story are truly impressive, and the showdown between Darrow and his friend The Poet was truly gut wrenching. The entire battle sequence around Jupiter's moons is the greatest action sequence I have ever read better than Kaladin vs Szeth in Words of Radiance , and I still replay it in my head over and over again.

The sheer imagination of Brown sets him apart from most other authors who write these sweeping space operas. Pierce Brown finishes his first trilogy with an almighty bang, and has now let us know that there will be more books to come in this universe with a handful of favourite characters returning those who survived at least.

I can think of only a handful of other debut trilogies that have come close to what Brown has achieved, and it's scary to think that Brown will only get better from here.

Ryan Lawler, 9. Part of the reason I began in high hopes was where the book started, with Darrow having been betrayed and captured by his enemies with several close friends dying in the process.

I thus hoped that Darrow, the unstoppable machine of awesome would actually be brought down to a more human level, would feel something a little subtler and more broken and perhaps through actually experiencing and overcoming suffering be someone I could actually respect and root for. Despite a first chapter dealing with Darrow wrestling with his doubts in darkness, the first thing Morning Star did as a book was disappoint me.

The book opens with Darrow supposedly having been the prisoner of The Jackal, enduring three months torture and nine months sensory deprivation, and yet after only two chapters Darrow is not only participating in his own escape but actively taking time to rescue his friend, breaking her out of her cell and carrying her across his shoulder like the big manly hero he is, belying all admissions of his own physical weakness.

Indeed I found it odd that even though Darrow was quite ready to tell us how weak his muscles and reflexes were and how he wasn't the badass fighter he usually was just before taking out the bad guys , the fact that someone having endured nine months sensory deprivation would be nearly catatonic, not to mention the paralyzing effects of three months of physical and psychological torture never occurs to Brown, or indeed to Darrow, despite the fact that the torture even involved threats against his friends and family and the admission only made in the first chapter and then forgotten , that Darrow actually broke, indeed what this "breaking" actually meant is skated over and never mentioned again.

This isn't to say, despite my dislike of Darrow, I actively wanted to see him tortured, but seeing him survive, be scarred emotionally and psychologically and still be triumphant yet have to live with the scars would've made him a far more compelling character, and much more of a hero to me than just the unstoppable force of righteous awesome he is.

Indeed I will say I find this sort of main character imperviousness actively offensive, as it makes the characters far less than human however many long sermons about Darrow's feelings of rage and self doubt we get, not to mention making a mockery of anyone in reality who suffers PTSD.

In general though Brown tried to give Darrow a little more range of human feelings in this book, the constant rage and cocky belief in his own superiority were still very much present, and scenes of Darrow supposedly being more human often simply devolved into other characters saying how awesome Darrow was, especially when he interacted with the soldiers of the revolution.

That being said, Brown did attempt to make Darrow's emotional range change somewhat, even if enduring actual suffering wasn't part of that, albeit unfortunately once again he is so constantly a super awesome helldiver leader most of the time that often I simply didn't have enough connection to him to really care about moments of humanity, since after all if someone simply shrugs off all injuries and defeats, why exactly should we care whether those around him respect him or whether soldiers who die in his revolution regard him as the ever awesome Reaper or not.

This is typified in one incident towards the end of the book in which Darrow receives what should be a shocking and crippling injury, but after mentioning "the pain" and a gory description of that injury, just goes on regardless through several major fights, meaning any potential sympathy I had for Darrow having to live and survive with that injury simply fell flat.

Brown did say in the author's note to Morning Star he realized that he had to write the story more about Darrow's friends and family than about Darrow himself, and here it is true he partially succeeds.

Despite Darrow's lack of suffering, I very much enjoyed his reunion with his friends and family, indeed where previously Brown's dialogue swerved only between epic speeches and snarky quips, there were several places here where people came across far more as people, albeit that his employing of cute children was a little heavy handed.

I also do see what he was intending in having Darrow interact far more with his friends and the people of the resistance, though the hero worship got a bit much in places, especially with brown's reliance on epic symbols and speeches to immediately prop up Darrow's supposed doubts about the revolution or what he's trying to achieve, doubts which were largely the only real type of emotional journey Darrow really has in the book.

Likewise, Darrow's relationships with others are usually very much sign posted, for example we learn that Darrow's brother's wife is "delicate without Eo's fire" because Darrow just tells us as much.

I did appreciate the introduction of Hollyday, a Grey assisting Darrow, mostly because with her Brown simply writes dialogue between two comrades without either quips or epic speeches. One character who also impressed me however was Darrow's Obsidian lieutenant Ragnar. Where in the first book Ragnar was a fairly standard Conan the Barbarian type, here he actually showed a deal more personality, albeit again most of it was fairly brief and rather heavy owing to the fact that we didn't see half as much of Ragnar outside epic combat sequences, and Brown gave much more time to Darrow's friend Sevro, a person who I believe was supposed to be funny, but whose constant stream of toilet humour and insults I found more puerile than amusing, for example a section in which Darrow and some other characters are forced to eat dead cockroaches as part of an initiation into Sevro's gang The Howlers.

Indeed in general it seemed that the tertiary characters were preferable to the main cast, mostly I suspect because Brown didn't specifically try to be funny or inspiring with them and just write them often as people in their own right, rather than political opponents of Darrow or objects of Darrow's rather inflated and self serving loyalty. Outside the attempt to elicit emotions, Brown's style was overall an improvement, especially with more workaday chapters interspersed between the efforts at epic, albeit I do rather wish Brown had extended the section where Darrow was not leader of the resistance or awesome planner of battles, indeed the book's beginning where Darrow is being brought up to speed on the war, and actually having to take orders and conflict with friends about which courses to take was to me far more appealing, and I was actually quite sad when things suddenly ramped back up to combat level and we were again faced with Darrow on an impossibly dangerous mission, after which he was constantly the awesome heroic and far less interesting leader to whom all are loyal he'd been for the two proceeding books.

Pacing wise I will say Morning Star is an improvement over Golden Son, albeit I do wish Darrow had remained out of the limelight for more of the action than he does. Way to go Brown! Break those chains. This one does have some draggy moments and even though I re-read Red Rising last year and read Golden Son, at times I was completely lost. This is not a book that you can read out of order. The draggy moments made me wonder if the series had lost it's allure but right about the time I would start thinking that something would get blown up or some of that shit and I would line right back up for more kool-aid.

That Kool-aid is still just as tasty.. They felt the death sentences had already been read, and they were just waiting for the hangman to come knocking.

Slag that. Death'll have to earn its bounty. I want them to believe in this. In each other. In the idea that we might actually win and live. For the first time, I do. Because if nothing else.. If your heart beats like a drum, and your legs a little wet, it's because the Reaper's come to collect a little debt. View all 52 comments. We will fight in the towers of Ganymede and the ghettos of Luna and the storm-stricken oceans of Europa. And if we fall, others will take our place, because we are the tide.

And we are rising. Where do I even begin? When I started the Red Rising trilogy on the eve of Christmas, I never anticipated that the book I was about to start reading would later be my favorite series of all time, dethroning all the other books and series that have claimed that title before. I never thought that Red Rising would impact me as much as it did. How many times have I shelved this trilogy only to remove it a few days later?

How many times have I seen people rave about this trilogy only for me to turn away and continue on with what I was reading at the moment? Too many times to count. I've regretted not reading certain books any sooner than I did, but not as great as the regret I carry for passing up Red Rising numerous times. But my enemies brought me war. As the storyline developed so did these characters. We lost MANY great friends and allies along the way but we also gained new favorites.

Darrow is no longer the 16 year old Helldiver boy that we first met on Lykos. He's grown into this brave, righteous, and honorable young man, who's lost so much, and been betrayed more times than I can even remember. Right by his side has always been Sevro. He's such a loyal friend and just overall a great person to have by your side. I loved that he was the comical relief in the midst of all the tension and major depression.

I also can't forget about the warrior queens Mustang and Victra. Absolute queens. Always slaying in their own way left and right. One of the things that I loved about this finale was how much it tugged our heartstrings. I think the most painful part for me was Roque. Roque was such a sweetheart and so loyal since Red Rising. It ultimately broke my heart how things turned out in the end between Darrow and Roque. I wanted them to repair their friendship so much but things between them have been compromised to the point of no return and it just absolutely wrecked me.

Roque had a kind heart and fierce loyalty to his people to a fault, and I wish things just turned out differently in the end. I've cried many times throughout the whole series but not as much as I did when it came to Roque and Darrow. On top of that, Pierce Brown just had to rub some salt onto that fresh wound by showing us those flashbacks, and just ugh.

I can't with these feelings. I'll always love Roque as much as Darrow did until the very end! The plot and these characters are just so well written. All the hype and awards are all rightly deserved because Red Rising is truly a work of art. After binge reading this series for the past few days, I feel utterly empty knowing that I'm finally bringing my new favorite series to a close.

Morning Star was everything I was hoping for for the finale of the Red Rising trilogy. We had death, betrayal, redemption, epic battles, romance, and so much more. I couldn't ask for a better series to end this year with.

Pierce Brown has crafted such a beautiful literary universe and I honestly can't get enough. My mind can rest even just a little knowing that he isn't quite done with this world just yet. I look forward to reading Iron Gold and Pierce Brown's future projects.

He's made a loyal reader out of me! View all 6 comments. Oct 14, Lucia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Even second time around. I just finished it couple of minutes ago and I think I'm still in shock from what I read. Morning Star is poignant story that crushed me, gave me goosebumps and consumed all my waking thoughts ever since I started reading it. Pierce Brown can tell a story in a way that only very few authors can. Morning Star is a masterpiece. Whole series is a masterpiece. And I believe that this is a story that children of our children will be taught about in the future.

Morning Star was out-of-this-world amazing. So all I'm going to say for now is: Pierce Brown, I'm your fan for life! It is finally here! View all 19 comments. Read at your own risk because I'm about to bring the rant, minor spoilers may be included in this review.

So I thought Morning Star was a great conclusion to a fantastic series the Epilogue was gorgeous but very short.

Let me start with saying I'm going to have an unpopular opinion this time, after completing Morning Star I am a little unsatisfied, I am left feeling like I need more and I'm kinda disappointed. I personally felt like novel was too full of things that didn't matter, then the last part of the plot and the ending was great but so rushed.

So what happened in book one?

I feel like if Pierce Brown just published the last quarter only obviously less rushed, it would have been a more satisfying read for me. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed reading this novel, I just can't help but feel like this whole book was fillers, and most of the story was unnecessary to the plot. Like this whole book was just basically talking blah blah blah.. The plot was interesting and engaging enough sure, but there wasn't enough action this time around. So like I said if this book had have been the last quarter it would be on my favorite ever shelf next to Golden Son.

This is probably even my least liked of the three, definitely the weakest sorry. But I'm not hating, I did like this book, it just had a few issues that really stood out to me, especially after reading Edge of Bubbles mini review on this book.

Also for a whole entire series i kinda found alot of themes samey same as others, like the competition unoriginal, seriously Mars didn't even feel like Mars in book one it was so earthy, Space war also unoriginal. Really there was nothing new in this series, however this series does those 'stereotypical themes' justice, it is interesting, brutal, gorey, full of foul language and foulery made up word aka sack fungus.

But still something new would be great. Pierce Brown has a funny sense of humor and it shows through his novels, he even managed to add a part into Morning Star that was a quote from one of my favorite movies Friday.

She brings her blade up, and Victra goes diagonal and impales her at the belly button. I finish her off with a neat decapitation. Hang on a second this is meant to be the 'good' section and I'm still ranting!

Okay let me try again. I loved watching the characters grow up together and grow as friends, it touched my black withered little heart. Pierce Brown also plays tricks on his reader by making them believe things that aren't true, I nearly hyperventilated a hundred times, like shit it was intense to read he also knows how to mind fuck you superbly, and make u cry like a baby.

Im definitely a fan for life. Reading the whole series in first person POV was shit. So it did get overwhelming at times. I loved the pace of all three books. Book two being my favorite of them all due to the brutalness and having an amazing ending. Some of the twists I did guess in advance. Cried at happy moments and sad moments, Pierce Brown definitely tells an emotional story. The writing is sensational. Overall a satisfactory series. It's great, it got my tick of approval and is now currently being worshipped by my fan girl self.

I loved the twists towards the end of Morning Star, pretty impressed but not wowed, definitely looking forward to a Movie aswell as another series being released this year, apparently the new books are set ten years after the conclusion of Morning Star, so hopefully some questions I have will be answered in the new series. So this book continues from the massive cliffhanger in Golden Son, these are not spoilers and actually mentioned on the blurb.

Darrow is captured and tortured by the enemy, because it's Darrow and he is like a cockroach ha he escapes and continues planning his rebellion against the golds.

Some old friends join him and others go against him, so it was interesting to see Darrow in the predicament of having to kill old friends to reach his ultimate goal. I am sad to say goodbye to the characters I have grown so fond of. Can't wait for the new series. The character development was awesome throughout the series, we watched kids turn into adults. However I had an issue with Darrow the never dying cockroach. Is it just me or was Darrow a tad over the top arrogant, like I feel like I liked his character a lot less in this book.

I also hated the fact that the whole book was Darrow making decisions etc like can someone else take charge for awhile? Like I get that his the captain, but his always wrong. I actually wish that something actually went according to plan in this book for a change. Also thinking about Darrow I have another issue, seriously like why does he let all bad guys get away with everything, friends who have in the past tried to kill him he happily welcomes back in his life with open arms.

Like this quote made me think he turn back badass. I am not alone. I am not his victim. So let him do his worst. I am the Reaper. I know how to suffer. I know the darkness. It was sad to see friends betray him but he is just dumb and naive. I did not like him having a conscious and mourning old friends aswell as friends turned traitor.

It made me sad, so I hate him for it haha. Sevro's personality in this book was my favorite of all three. Sevro went from a funny smart ass teen to a beautiful smart ass Adult. He was my favorite character and stayed consistent for me through all three books. I absolutely adored him and Adult Sevro in book three was my favorite.

I love HIM. He has been welcomed into my ever growing harem of book boyfriends. Oh and I finally got my ship yay and predicted it from the beginning: But it's safe to say I absolutely adore her. I liked reading her development through this series, she is one character that grew the most on me. After book two I felt betrayed but it's okay now.

I also throughly enjoyed Victra she was another character who stood out, what a badass. Ragnar was another perfect faultless character and another of my favorites from the series. Hyrg la, Ragnar A few of the friendships absolutely gave my heart a hard time, one being the bromance between Sevro and Darrow, towards the end of book three I realized I didn't actually like Darrow that much but instead was in love with his friendship with Sevro, all you folks out there know Sevro captured my heart in book one.

I love them so much as friends, I love watching them grow together. One point in this book had me crying after they cried to each other. My number one ship forever is Sevorrow. Okay so this three way bromance was my favorite thing in the book apart from Sevro seriously the banter was good and they had fun together killing people. Seriously I love these three as friends. You know how many people I had to kill to get that?

'Morning Star' Brings 'Red Rising' Trilogy To An End ... Eventually

How bloody dare Pierce Brown promise me revenge and blood without delivering it. Also the ending how they handled the worst villain ever was extremely disappointing, view spoiler [ losing his tongue and dying by the noose wasn't enough in my opinion for the Jackal, he was an evil dog and made so many people suffer but Darrow once again let him off, he should have been a caged animal for everyone to torture and shit on until he ate himself to death.

I recommended this to everyone over 16, even if you don't like Sci-fi or fantasy this book is definitely a winner. I also feel like this book would be a great introduction to Sci-Fi. Please don't mind the fact that it is YA once again I need to mention this shit or in the kids section of your library, this is not a kids story.

Hence the over If everyone's awesome reviews on this book aren't enough to convince you to read it, believe me when I say I'm even trying to get my husband to read it, because I know he will love it.

Trust me on this he is a total book hater, I can't even get him to read a book if I read it out loud. Lol maybe this is the reason why his a book hater?? I have an annoying high pitched voice.

So go do yourself a favor and read it, it's bloodydamn good. Whole Series rating: View all 57 comments. Feb 17, C. Drews rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is bloodydamn brilliant. That puddle on their face is ME. I understand so much better! Like mentally??? READ 1: April Oh that was good. That was really really good.

Red Rising Summary – What happened in Morning Star?

But it was so so good. And do you know how nervous I was about this book?! I've put it off for like 2 months! Actually, dude, wise me. But Morning Star is like the bloodiest bloody that ever blooded. I will absorb it so much better. But my puny eyeballs and weak brain reading? I struggled. I'm an auditory learning, so. Audiobooks and I have a re-reading date someday. It's Ares himself. My best friend in all the worlds has not forgotten me.

They're not contacts. And the right is no loner bionic. Did you get Carved? Do you like 'em? Fit you like a glove. Cuz they're yours. Mickey had your eyes in a cryobox at his joint in Yorkton -- creepy place, by the by -- when we raided it for supplies to bring back to Tinos to help the Rising. I figured you weren't usin' 'em, so You know. Bring us closer together. Something to remember you by.

That's not so weird, right?

Morning Star : Red Rising Series 3

I thought it was something serious. My wheelchair rolls forward again. I look back and see Ragnar pushing it innocently along.

Sevro isn't in the hallway behind us. I frown, wondering where he went, till he bursts out of a side passage. Broken and cracked and stupid as we are, we're the light, and we're spreading. View all 16 comments.

Mar 13, J. Sutton rated it really liked it. The series was a fun ride! What most impressed me about this final installment was the character development of Darrow and his compatriots.

Not everybody will be able to achieve this. And not everybody will live to see this new world. Prepare for the final showdown! View all 3 comments. Oct 21, Sh3lly GrumpyBookGrrrl.

Morning Star

I'm not sure what I'm feeling right now. Overall, this is hands down one of the best trilogies ever. I don't think this final book was as good as the first two, but it is still a very good book and a nice conclusion.

I grieve a little b I'm not sure what I'm feeling right now. I grieve a little bit knowing this is the end. There were a few times when I was really pissed at Pierce Brown while reading. I feel like he might have messed around with reader emotions a little bit too much.

There were some sections that felt overly long. A part of me feels like I should maybe give this 3 stars, but I just can't bare to rate down. I can't help it. I think I would have had to write a ragey review if things had gone differently with them.

I'm a huge Cassius and Sevro fan. Still upset Ragnar died. I was iffy about Mustang for some reason. I thought she might be sketchy was it just me? I didn't see that coming. I hated how things went down with Roque, but there was no redemption for him after Golden Son. So glad that Victra lived and survived. I lurv her. Some of the marriage and babies HEA stuff was inevitable. Apparently, it isn't just me who felt weird about Mustang.

Although I didn't have any issues with her past relationship with Cassius, I just never fully warmed to her again after Darrow revealed himself to her and she fled. I kept thinking she was going to betray Darrow or do something. She didn't. It was a typical HEA. I feel like Cassius is one of the saddest, most romantic characters in the whole trilogy. I truly lurv him and am so happy he came around.

Original posts: I can't even. Update on Pierce Brown's Facebook page July 23, A little update for you all: This is my favorite part of the process, adding backstory, fleshing out character motivations, refining the plot arc to make sure it coincides with the internal arc of Darrow, and making my villains roar. It's been daunting, but I'm proud of what it's becoming--the size of the world, the scope of the cast, the level of violence, the number of ships and moons and political parties I can't tell you how excited I am for you to read it.

Until then, I leave you with the immortal words of Sevro au Barca, "Shit escalates. I got chills. OMG, there is a title now?!

Take your time, Pierce Brown, take your time. But not too much time. Meanwhile, I'll be doing a re-read and fangirling over here. Apr 26, Melanie rated it really liked it Shelves: And I'm so very thankful I did, because this book was such an immersive and addicting read. I'm not going to say exactly what happened, but you will obviously know who has lived and who has died, and you'll also have a pretty good idea about who was fighting for what side.


Please do not continue on if you haven't read this series, or if you do not wish to be mildly spoiled. Not with your screams. That freakin' ending. That ending was everything. Like, my crops are watered, my family is fed, and my skin is clear perfection.

I don't think I'll ever get over this ending. Okay, so the middle of this book was very slow for me. Not that I don't love and have a soft spot for the Obsidians, and I know that story line was important to the end, but I was forcing myself to keep reading. I was pretty convinced I was going to give this a not so great rating, but that ending happened, that ending was everything. I was crying over Cassius, because he is my favorite character, and absolutely hating Sevro. Then I was crying over what a perfect little cinnamon roll Sevro is.

Then I was crying over Sevro, and hating Cassius with everything that I am. Then I was crying over Cassius, and crying over Sevro, and just crying in general, because I was such an emotional mess. Like, my body and emotions couldn't handle the ending of this book. Then Mustang went and just flat out killed me.

The ending of this book is honestly up there with The Hero of Ages for me. This conclusion was a perfect way to end this trilogy, and I feel almost at a loss for words, because I honestly believe Pierce Brown wrapped this series up perfectly. Even though the ending was perfect, and I loved the beginning where we get to see the consequences of Golden Son's cliffhanger, like I said above, I was extremely bored during the middle of this book.

And even though I recognize the importance of that middle section, I still can't bring myself to give this five stars, even though that ending was everything I could ever wish for in a book and I simply cannot stop gushing or thinking about it. I also want to mention that I still hate Roque and I absolutely hated the way Darrow was impacted by his death. Like, gross.

Please stop. I was also pretty upset with Ragnar's death. I gushed about him pretty hard in my Golden Son review, and I just think his character deserved better. I know that this story is essentially about an intergalactic war that is ever approaching, and that it is unrealistic that everyone makes it out alive, but I just wish it wouldn't have been him. Obviously it's not as drastic as the difference between Reds and Golds, but maybe one day it will be.

Hell, has been pretty depressing so far. I also loved how this book actually portrays friendship, and how you will fight with your friends when you believe they are doing something that is wrong. That's real and good friendship; wanting that person to be the best that they can be and that sometimes means calling your friends out on things. Sevro and Darrow are friendship goals. The whole spectrum of colors won this war, not just Reds and Golds.

It was so believable the way Darrow made more and more connections and more and more important people and leaders believed in him and his cause. It wasn't just a forced happy ending where everything works out I'm looking at you ACOWAR , but it was a constant struggle and battle, which Darrow worked very hard to achieve. It honestly gave me life. Like, everything about him. It was so scary and atmospheric; I was on the edge of my seat constantly.

Which probably also helped to make the part right after the cannibals boring. Also, the Jackal wearing that rib-cage broke me.

Such a convincing and utterly downright scary villain. I know a lot of people have problems with her manipulating Cassius and keeping a big secret from Darrow, but this is a time of war and she has had to watch every man she has ever loved be evil.

I totally get her not trusting anyone and doing some shady things to win a war. I'm not saying it is right or ethical, but it is believable. My heart bleeds for her character and what she had to watch her family become. I weep for everything she has given up in the face of justice, equality, and love.

I feel like Pierce Brown wrote such a spectacular female character that is strong yet compassionate, beautiful yet brutal, merciful yet proactive, and so very real.

She is one of my favorite characters of all time. Breathtaking art by: I also have nothing but high hopes for the rest of Pierce Brown's career, and I cannot wait to read Sons of Ares this month and Iron Gold upon release next January.

And I want to give a huge thank you for all my friends that encouraged me to continue on with this series, when I was being very apprehensive over Red Rising. And I want to give an extra special shout out to Gelisvb for letting me bounce all my feelings off of her, and for letting me gush and cry and rant nonstop to her.

That star by which griffin-riders and travelers navigate the wastes in the dark months of winter. The last star that disappears when daylight returns in the spring. At some point during this series a favorite character will love, kill, die, betray, change for the better, change for the worse, make horrible decisions, make cold decision, sacrifice themselves or others, inspire, destroy, connive , manipulate or frustrate you to the point you are ready to bloodydamn throw the book across the room.

The downtime and boring moments are few and far between and Morning Star tested my love for just about every character I was rooting for and made be despise to the very depths of my being the villains to our heroes. There is plenty of action to go around and it was an emotional journey. Darrow is a hero with some reluctance and a lot of heart for a warrior. I am always amazed by his capacity to love and try and to redeem the people he cares for.

He tries to give them all chances to break out of the cages of their culture and past to reach to be more and while I respect that greatly sometimes I really just wanted him to murder those who betrayed him.

I howl because I am a Helldiver of Lykos. I am the Reaper of Mars. And I have paid for access to this bunker with my flesh, all so I could come before Octavia, all so that I might either die with my friends or see our enemies brought to justice. Darrow is a character I have always found easy to connect with on his journey.

Had his wife not died he would never have left his little corner of the world. But now that he has he will never be that man again. In every book Darrow has grown and changed into something more than who he originally thought he could be. He becomes more and more complex and in Morning Star the dream he had Red Rising has to grow and change with him.

After being captured at the end of Golden Son, Darrow has been through so much and it has changed him. The first chapters are really rough as we learn what fate our hero suffered after the betrayals of Golden Son.

They are harsh and have humbled him, they have also left him a little unsure of himself. When he actually makes it back to the war he finds that so much has happened in his absence.

At first it is hard for him to find his place in this new war…. This is a wild ride. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I yelled at characters, I gave Servo a time out in the corner, I debated with friends over why I loved Mustang and they hated her but I bloodydamn enjoyed every emotion filled moment of it.

What I liked the best: He is always sure that no matter their flaws they can be the best version of themselves if given the chance. Except the Jackal because that dude is just cray-cray and deserves to die the death of a thousand paper cuts.

Darrow is the embodiment of hope but his is not flawless. He doubts himself at times, he makes mistakes, he sacrifices, he cries more the Mustang and he is not without guilt. Mickey had your eyes in a cryobox at his joint in Yorkton—creepy place, by the by—when we raided it for supplies to bring back to Tinos to help the Rising. One of the girls is climbing his leg. Sevro and his wolf pack of one is an amazingly fun character. We get to see a little bit of a darker side to him in Morning Star.

It was always there I fear but with Darrow out of the picture for a while it took over his life. I think I even put him in a time out in my head until Darrow could help straighten him out.Their ancestors are from Earth.

Born to toil, carved to fight, destined to lead. Red Rising Trilogy 2 7. They are the counterweight both literal and figurative to all the aforementioned busywork of managing a rebellion. The Malice Peter Newman 9. Thank you.

They crash into the ocean near the frozen shore. His job is to dest Book of the Month Morning Star by Pierce Brown is the third and final book of the Red Rising trilogy, a book that was hyped beyond belief given how good Golden Son was. He has ordered these warheads to be planted on Luna, the capital of the Society, and plans to used them as leverage to become the Sovereign.

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