Read "Candy" by Kevin Brooks available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Kevin Brooks is at the top of his YA game in this. Kevin Brooks is at the top of his YA game in this "provocative, When Joe meets Candy, it seems like a regular boy-meets-girl scenario. Editorial Reviews. Review. Kevin Brooks (Kissing the Rain, Martyn Pig, Lucas) excels at portraying the gritty details of English underclass life, and.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Kevin Brooks (Kissing the Rain, Martyn Pig, Lucas) Candy - site edition by Kevin Brooks. Download it once and. Candy book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When Joe Beck, a fifteen-year-old suburban kid, gets lost in a disreputable. Brooks inhabited a variety of jobs before becoming a full-time writer including: Candy. Kevin Brooks Author (). cover image of The Road of the Dead.

In the U. K, the book went on to be short-listed for the Carnegie Medal and win a Branford Boase Award for a first best novel. One of Brooks' favorite genres is the detective novel, and this shows in his writing, "I think my awareness of plot comes from having read a lot of crime fiction. When Martyn Pig came out, the reviewers were saying things such as 'well plotted' novel. I found that surprising because I didn't have any idea that I could plot or structure a story.

I do plan, but I'm not consciously aware that I'm building a plot that creates good suspense; it comes naturally because I've soaked myself in those sorts of plots. But I would say the story is the main thing, with children. With adults you might use different styles and structures, perhaps indulge in fiddly niceties.

Writing for children brings you down to basics. How she came to be here, how it went so far. But it did. And things very suddenly became life or death. They quickly bind him up with tape, and take off into the night. The plan is to get Candy clean, then take it from there.

Iggy has his sister. He can find them, because Joe tells him exactly where they are. Any bargaining power he had has gone. In the end, it turns out in a way no one would have imagined. All he can do is struggle to find his way back to it.

It included lots of action, some romance, and some thrilling parts, too.

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The main character is a boy named Joe. This novel is basically set with your classic forbidden love, some-what theme.

The story is told straightly from the perspective of the main character Joe Beck which creates a phenomenon sense to the reader. As the reader, you are placed in the shoes of a naive boy attempting to increase his love for a girl he barely even knows which creates a common text connection with high school relationships. The descriptive writing and creativity kept the reader wanting more and more of what would reveal in the next chapter. What was successfully enjoyable throughout this novel was the unique sense of admirable danger.

The capability to capture their oddly hypnotic feel for love definitely helped with the twisted plot. All in all, the novel was filled with irresistible events, unstoppable love and provocative danger. The author had written an almost exquisite novel about two completely opposite strangers falling completely and mistakingly in love.

View all 25 comments. Dec 22, Autumn rated it did not like it Shelves: I abandoned this book because it was an absolute horrible piece of literature.

The writing is very dry and it is a slow piece without a big climax.

The constant mention of all the bad guys being black really got me mad, especially since this book isn't talking about racial issues its talking about a prostitute and a love struck boy.

The mention of the main characters sisters boyfriend, mike, makes him seem like an "uncle tom"character, one that is acceptable in the eyes of caucasians because he' I abandoned this book because it was an absolute horrible piece of literature. The mention of the main characters sisters boyfriend, mike, makes him seem like an "uncle tom"character, one that is acceptable in the eyes of caucasians because he's"white washed". Also in a quick interaction with a minor character in the book he stated that he was white but talked "black".

What in the world is that supposed to mean? All in all I hated this book very much. Sep 08, Jesse Richman rated it did not like it. This has got to be one of the worst pieces of modern YA fiction I've had the misfortune of reading in years. Cliche, predictable, and utterly unbelievable from start to finish though trust me, it gets worse and worse as it goes. With so much spectacularly good work being done by the likes of David Levithan and John Green, I'm not sure why you would waste your time with this.

View 1 comment. Jul 31, Valerie rated it liked it Shelves: I liked this book. It had a lot of suspense and is a quick read once you invest the time in it. I wish the ending had been less vague.. If I could give this book a 3.

Jan 17, dania rated it liked it. The book is about a boy named Joe who meets a girl named Candy and is instantly fascinated by her he likes her. I guess you could call it love at first sight. He wants to remind her who she is again, how her life was like before even if that means jeopardizing everything like his own life.

One thing I liked about this book is one of the themes. When I read this part while trying to figure out a book to read, I thought Joe was going to be a psychopath. I thought HE was going to be the one violent to Candy. The situations in this book are definitely crazy, unbelievable and eye catching. Joe beck was a normal teenage guy trying to make it through high school, practice with his band, and juggle family issues.

He never would've guess how his life would turn around from a simple trip to the train station.

Joe gets off the train and runs into a beautiful girl named Candy. He's baffled, and they end up making it to a mcdonalds when after grabbing some food, a big group of pimps walk in a start harassing Candy.

Joe realizes what she does and doesn't know how to handle it.. Can Joe get her away from the hands that hold her in this way of life? And if he does, can she let herself get away from the drugs? Kevin Brooks will always amaze me I think. Jun 10, Dawn Wells rated it liked it. Candy can be addictive. Mar 17, Chiara rated it it was ok. Jun 22, Mark Hennion rated it it was amazing Shelves: I encountered this book in a 2nd and Charles while helping my ten year old try to find a book for himself.

At first, between the cover and the synopsis, I thought: There's no way After reading it, I find it hard to believe it is in the young adult's. I admit, I have read very little "young-adult" fiction at all, bar what I did in my youth before the term came in to the common vernacular.

W I encountered this book in a 2nd and Charles while helping my ten year old try to find a book for himself. I am a huge fan of all things "doomed romance. In this case, Candy delivers a grim and terrifying look at the world of white slavery, coerced prostitution, heroin addiction, and first love Brooks employs a deeply centered first-person narrative which frequently follows the stream of conscious of Joe, the book's protagonist.

It took some adjusting, but after awhile, it becomes hard to realize you are NOT Joe. He is by no means hero material, and his failing to confront some rather terrifying circumstances were such a breath of relief.

All too often, in any genre, we see the protagonist of a novel confront overwhelming odds far before having the precedent or necessary reason to do so. Joe is visiting London to get a lump on his wrist treated when he encounters Candy, Immediately entranced, a quick meal at McDonald's turns in to an education of street life. Candy's cover story is bullshit: He warns Joe off that's putting it politely. The central struggle of the book penetrates Joe's growing obsession with the girl, whereby they sneak once off and have a brief romantic encounter.

Thoroughly hooked, he resolves to extricate her from her life and save herself. It is as this point we learn more of her addiction, circumstances, and so much more.

Joe sacrifices so much, endangers his loved ones, and by the end, I found myself nearly wanting to strangle him myself. Then, upon reflecting, I spent a moment remembering first love, dating, and the unsteady cocktail of 16 year old hormonal floods. Joe was forgiven, and Kevin Brooks is to be praised: Realistic, unapologetic, without any cliches or forced mercies.

I would recommend this book to nearly anyone Dec 20, Nicole rated it it was amazing. What did you like about the plot? Did it move quickly or slowly? Was it interesting or not? Give details! The plot moved extremely slow, thats why i liked it, it gave so much intensity and it defined every detail of a solution, and problem that was going on in the book, with the main characters Candy and Joe.

It was very interesting, and intense, it keeps you wondering Why, and How. The way Candy's life is so harsh, and the 1.

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The way Candy's life is so harsh, and the substance abuse thats going on with her, and to her. How she has so much evil in her life, and Joe comes along and falls in love quickly, and he leaves a lot of things behind him just to be with her.

Character Overview: Who were you favorite characters? Describe them—what were they like? Did they remind you of someone? How are you like them, even in small ways? My all time favorite characters were Candy and Joe the main characters in this book. Candy was talkative, and outgoing even though she has so many problems in her life, and her life is horrible bad.

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She can hide her pain, and nobody even would guess it. Joe is more of a quiet person, mysterious. Amazing at guitar, and works so hard in school, seems like he doesn't do much but play guitar with his band, and just stays home and studies. Once he meets Candy he's always out. Theme Overview: Choose a theme starter word love, hate, revenge, friendship, anger, etc.

She shows this through the characters of Danny and Sandy when… Truth: The author tells us about how when a person that you start to trust back fires on you, and leaves you lonely, homeless, and bribes you into a person you never thought of becoming. The author also writes about the way Candy and Joe fell in love so fast. How all guys aren't the same and that it's never impossible for a guy or girl to fall in love, it just takes the right person to bring that emotion out of them.

The author states that once someone has done so much hurt to you when you trusted them with your everything, and once you get rid of that pain, and person you get revenge for everything they've done to you in the past.

Also, the author tells us that the feeling of revenge is a great feeling but going to far for revenger can make you seem crazy and it makes you look bad, and can turn on you. This authors most amazing theme was forgiveness, stating how the main character Candy has substance abuse, and when Joe saves her, she promised she wouldn't relapse, and Joe couldn't take seeing her go through withdrawals, it was hard for him, but he excepted that it isn't easy for a person to go through that and just stop, so he stayed by her side through it all and it helped her.

May 29, Sammy rated it really liked it Shelves: I really need to review these books right after I read them Perhaps I should change it. And anything British automatically gets a B in my book. But, looking back on it, the fact that it was British was really the only thing Candy had going for it.

Does anybody know where i can read candy by kevin brooks online?

It's a trendy book. Does that make sense? I can see this book becoming really popular, with people saying that it really targets a younger audience. What I really need to review these books right after I read them What with it's adressing of drugs, sex I couldn't resist Because, when you really look at this book- er- read this book, it's the music that it comes down to.

The music that drives Joe. It drives him to help Candy kick the habit. No, I don't remember. But, um, the book was an okay read. It's like a snack in the meal of life. This isn't a book you'll remember years down the road. It's not going to be a classic. It'll fall back into the dusty shelves of unread literature after a while. I think it's a good book for younger readers But teens that don't want to put a lot of effort into reading. There we go, it's one of those books. It doesn't take a lot of effort to read and it can probably grab your attention if you are a teenager that sort of If that is you.

This book is for you. Fuck, I'm tired.All in all I hated this book very much.

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In my opinion it ended so randomly, it went down hill at the part when Candy is going through withdrawal. The Ultimate Truth. Not just any girl. More Details I Am Number Four. After being led to the house, he hides in the bushes for quite awhile, making his move when an elderly woman loaded down with shopping bags arrives. You submitted the following rating and review.

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