1. CUSTOMS TARIFF ACT, ; 2. GENERAL RULES INTERPRETATION OF IMPORT TARIFF; 3. NATIONAL CALAMITY CONTINGENT DUTY (NCCD); 4. Bangladesh Customs National Tariff. Fiscal Year HSCODE DESCRIPTION. CD. SD. VAT. AIT. RD ATV. TTI. EXD. Pure-bred breeding. PAKISTAN CUSTOMS TARIFF PCT CODE. DESCRIPTION. CD. (%). Heading /. Sub-heading. Statistical suffix. (1). (2). (3). (4). Live horses.

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Chapter-by-Chapter Customs Tariff - T Customs Tariff Schedule, , HTML PDF (29 KB). Customs Tariff Act, Customs Tariff - Complete, Date Issued / Updated. T [PDF format – MB ], T [PDF format – MB], T [PDF format. and subsequent years. Annex 1. Schedule of Tariff Commitments. Australia. --Hams, shoulders and cuts thereof, with bone in. 0%.

Apart from rental income he does not have any other source of income. Sunil is a resident as per Income-tax Law. He satisfies all the conditions except the age criteria of 60 years and, hence, he will be liable to pay advance tax. In other words, Mr. Sunil is not a senior citizen as per the Income-tax Law and, hence, he is not exempted from payment of advance tax. Mohan resident and age 61 years is a retired person earning rental income of Rs. After retirement from his job, he started his own business of provision shop.

Mohan is a resident as per Income-tax Law. Hence, he will be liable to pay advance tax. Raja a non-resident and age 63 years is a retired person, earning rental income of Rs. He is residing in Canada.

Will he be liable to pay advance tax in India? In this case, Mr. Raja is a non-resident as per Income-tax Law, and, hence, he cannot claim the benefit of exemption from payment of advance tax. Raja will be liable to pay advance tax.

Grams dry whole 2 Dry whole 2 Pigeon peas Cajanus cajan 2. Wood ears Aurcularia spp.

Small red Adzuki beans Phaseolus or vigna 2 angularis Cow peas Vigna unguiculata Chickpeas garbanzos: Vicia faba var.. Figs 20 Desiccated 5 Brazil nuts: Macadamia nuts: Hazelnuts or filberts Corylus spp.

Avocados Cashew nuts: Dried 20 Taro Colocasia spp. In shell 10 Pineapples 20 Shelled 5 Shelled Mangoes Areca nuts 10 Plantains 20 Yautia Xanthosoma spp..

In the inner shell endocarp Shelled 5. Chestnuts Castanea spp. Shelled 10 Other 10 Bananas Fresh 20 In shell 5 Kola nuts Cola spp.

Guavas 20 Brazil nuts and cashew nuts. Melons including watermelons: Kino fresh 20 Sour cherries Prunus cerasus 20 Oranges Watermelons 20 Strawberries Mango pulp 20 Citrus latifolia Mangosteens 20 Papaws papayas 20 Persimmons Pomegranates 20 Citrus limonum and 20 limes Citrus aurantifolia.

Durians 20 Strawberries 20 Pears 20 Kiwifruit 20 Mandarins including tangerines and satsumas.

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Apricots Quinces 20 Lemons Citrus limon. Plums and sloes 20 Frozen mango 20 Apples 20 Decaffeinated 10 Lichis 20 Black tea fermented and partly fermented tea. Plums allocha 20 Cherries 20 Raisins 20 Other black tea fermented and other partly fermenteded tea: Black tea in a packing exceeding 3 kg 10 Apples Green tea not fermented in immediate 10 packings of a content not exceeding 3 kg Tea dust 10 Other green tea not fermented 10 Prunes 20 Decaffeinated Other fruit: Coffee roasted: Apricots 20 Tamarind 5 Mixtures of nuts or dried fruits of this Chapter 20 Peaches arroo 20 Pine nut chilgoza 20 Not decaffeinated 10 Crushed or ground 5 Red chillies whole 15 Crushed or ground 5.

Crushed or ground 15 Seeds of coriander: Red chillies powder 15 Neither crushed nor ground 5 Black 5 Seeds of cumin: Crushed or ground Neither crushed nor ground: Neither crushed nor ground 2 Crushed or ground: Crushed or ground 2. Fruits of the genus Capsicum or of the genus Pimenta: Neither crushed nor ground 2. Seeds of anise. Large 5 Small 5 Cinnamon Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume 5 Pepper seeds for sowing 2 White 5 Red chillies seeds for sowing 2 Seed 10 Seed for sowing 2 Seed 5 Durum wheat: Basmati 10 Buckwheat 5.

Crushed or ground 2 Fonio Digitaria spp. Neither crushed nor ground 15 Quinoa Chenopodium quinoa 5. Other spices: Canary seeds 2 Husked brown rice Broken rice 10 Rice in the husk paddy or rough: Turmeric curcuma Saffron 5 Mixtures referred to in Note 1 b to this 15 Chapter..

Of the products of Chapter. Roasted 10 Inulin 15 Potato starch 15 Of wheat 15 Of Meslin 10 Groats and meal: Of sago or of roots or tubers of heading Of the dried leguminous vegetables of heading 15 Not roasted 10 Triticale 5 Of other cereals 15 Maize corn flour 10 Other starches 15 Other cereals 5 Maize corn starch 15 Manioc cassava starch 15 Of maize corn 15 Of oats 15 Other worked grains for example.

Of Wheat 2 Of other cereals Wheat starch 15 Pellets 15 Rolled or flaked grains: Of Maize corn 15 Germ of cereals. Sesamum seeds 2 Melon seeds 2.

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Poppy seeds 5 Mustard seeds 2 Of onion 2 Seeds of herbaceous plants cultivated principally 2 for their flowers. Castor oil seeds 2 Seed Lucerne alfalfa seeds 2 Kentucky blue grass Poa pratensis L.. Safflower Carthamus tinctorius seeds 2 Of tomato 2. Rye grass Lolium multiflorum Lam. Of soya beans Seeds of forage plants: Sugar beet seeds Low erucic acid rape or colza seeds 2 Cotton seeds: Palm nuts and kernels Fescue seeds 2 Lolium 2 perenne L..

Castor meal 5 Vegetable seeds: Flours of castor 5 Clover Trifolium spp.

Of okra 2 Seed lac 15 Poppy straw 5 Gum Arabic Seaweeds and other algae: Hop cones. Cannabis resins and balsams 20 Fit for human consumption 5 Lucerne alfalfa meal and pellets 5 Sugar beet 5 Sugar cane 5 Chicory roots 5 Coca leaf 5 Ginseng roots 5 Locust beans carob 2 Lard 20 Pectic substances.. Vegetable saps and extracts: Rattans 5 Of liquorice 15 Guwar gum 20 Cotton linters Tendu leaves biri leaves 20 Vegetable materials of a kind used primarily 10 as stuffing or as padding for example.

Hena leave and powder 15 Of hops 15 Opium 20 Other pig fat Agar-agar Mucilages and thickeners. Bamboos 10 Betel leaves Rs.. Vegetable materials of a kind used primarily in brooms or in brushes for example. Fats and oils and their fractions.

Tallow 10 Lard stearin.

Lanolin 10 Virgin MT Crude oil. Coconut copra oil and its fractions: Palm kernel or babassu oil and fractions thereof: Maize corn oil and its fractions: Low erucic acid rape or colza oil and its fractions: Linseed oil and its fractions: Sesame oil and its fractions MT Animal fats and oils and their fractions.

Other Rs. Vegetable fats and oils and their fractions: Vegetable oils and their fractions Castor oil and its fractions MT Vegetable waxes Shoulders and cuts thereof 20 Fish maws 20 Of turkeys 20 Fish fillet 20 Eels 20 Bees wax 10 Homogenised preparations 20 Caviar 20 Of animals or vegetable waxes 20 Of fowls of the species Gallus domesticus 20 chicken Caviar substitutes 20 Hams and cuts thereof 20 Mackerel 20 Herrings 20 Of poultry of heading Salmon 20 Anchovies 20 Other prepared or preserved fish: Of bovine animals 20 Of liver of any animal Of swine: Caviar and caviar substitutes: Sea urchins 20 Abalone 20 White crystalline cane sugar 20 Lactose and lactose syrup: Cuttle fish and squid 20 Lactose 10 Sea cucumbers 20 Other cane sugar Not in airtight container 20 Oysters 20 Lobster 20 Cane sugar specified in Subheading Note 2 to this Chapter: Maple sugar and maple syrup: Chemically pure sucrose 10 Beet sugar Shrimps and prawns: Crab Jellyfish 20 Other aquatic invertebrates: Maple syrup Mussels 20 Other crustaceans Containing added flavouring or colouring 10 matter.

Maple sugar 10 Lactose syrup 10 Raw sugar not containing added flavouring or colouring matter: Gur Jaggery 20 White crystalline beet sugar 20 Octopus 20 Other fructose and fructose syrup. Wholly or partly defatted 5 Not defatted 5 Caramel 10 Chocolate preparation 20 Cocoa powder.

Chewing gum.. White chocolate 20 Glucose and glucose syrup.

Cane molasses 5 Chocolate crumbs in packing of 25kg or more 10 in powder. Not filled 20 Other preparations in blocks. Filled 20 Chemically pure fructose 15 Malto dextrins 10 Maltose 10 Stuffed pasta.. Prepared foods obtained by the swelling or roasting of cereals or cereal products: Malt extract 20 Macaroni raw 20 Preparations for infant use.. Other pasta 20 Containing eggs Preparations other than in retail packing..

Vermacelli 20 Corn flakes 20 Mixes and doughs for the preparation of bakers' 15 wares of heading Couscous 20 Sago 15 Uncooked pasta.

Prepared foods obtained from unroasted cereal 20 flakes or from mixtures of unroasted cereal flakes and roasted cereal flakes or swelled cereals Waffles and wafers 20 Other vegetables and mixtures of vegetables 20 Sweet biscuits.

Homogenised vegetables 20 Potatoes 20 Bulgur wheat 20 Tomatoes paste 20 Crispbread 20 Asparagus Sweet biscuits 20 Gingerbread and the like Mushrooms of the genus Agaricus 20 Pickles 20 Citrus fruit 15 Pears 15 Cranberries Vaccinium macrocarpon.

Grapefruit including pomelo juice: Not frozen. Sweet corn Zea mays var..

Orange juice: Palm hearts 15 Pineapples 15 Cherries 15 Ground-nuts 15 Of a Brix value not exceeding 20 20 Vaccinium vitis-idaea Pineapple juice: Other vegetables and mixtures of vegetables: Homogenised preparations Olives 20 Apricots 15 Citrus fruit 20 Bamboo shoots 20 Juice of any other single citrus fruit: Frozen 20 Mixtures 20 Juice of any other single fruit or vegetable: Instant coffee in bulk 10 Tomato ketchup and other tomato sauces 20 Vaccinum vitis-idaea juice Active yeasts 15 Of a Brix value not exceeding 30 20 Mustard flour and meal and prepared mustard Mixtures of juices 20 Roasted chicory and other roasted coffee 10 substitutes.

Prepared baking powders 15 Cranberry Vaccinium macrocarpon. Tomato juice Soya sauce 20 Apple juice: Instant coffee in retail packs 10 Preparations with a basis of extracts. Grape juice including grape must: Inactive yeasts.

Protein hydrolysates 20 Mineral waters and aerated waters: Other wine. Protein concentrates and textured protein substances: Sweet meats 20 Mineral waters 20 Syrups and squashes 20 Aerated waters 20 Concentrates for aerated beverage in all 20 forms Homogenised composite food preparations 20 Soups and broths and preparations therefor 20 Flavouring powders for preparation of food 20 Emulsifing agents for food and dairy products 20 In containers holding 2 l or less Sparkling wine Preparations including tablets consisting of 20 saccharin.

Other 90 Liqueurs and cordials 90 Shrimp meal 5 Of wheat 10 Other grape must 90 Of other cereals 10 Gin and Geneva 90 In containers holding 2 l or less 90 Of leguminous plants Spirits obtained by distilling grape wine or grape 90 marc Vodka 90 Rum and other spirits obtained by distilling 90 fermented sugar.

Of maize corn 10 Ethyl alcohol and other spirits. Whiskies 90 Brewing or distilling dregs and waste 10 Preparations for supplementing farm 20 produced feed feed supplement Residues of starch manufacture and similar 10 residues Of low erucic acid rape or colza seeds 10 Tobacco refuse 5 Preparations for use in making the complete 20 feeds or supplementary feeds Of sunflower seeds Of rape or colza seeds: Of cotton seeds 10 Of coconut or copra 10 Of palm nuts or kernels 10 Dog or cat food.

Of linseed 10 Table salt 20 Quartz 5 Tobacco for chewing 20 Rock salt 20 Smoking tobacco.

In powder or in flakes 5 Other clays 5 Sea salt 20 Quartzite 5 Silica sands and quartz sands 5 Bentonite 5 Water pipe tobacco specified in Subheading 20 Note 1 to this Chapter Mullite 5. Cigarettes containing tobacco 20 Merely cut. Ecaussine and other calcareous monumental or 15 building stone.

Natural barium carbonate witherite 5 Natural barium sulphate barytes 5 Chamotte or dinas earths 5 Crude or roughly trimmed Garnet natural 5 Crude or roughly trimmed 15 Emery 5 Pumice stone 5. Marble and travertine: Ground 2 Unground 2 Natural magnesium carbonate magnesite 5. Of marble 15 Tarred macadam Calcined or sintered dolomite 5 Magnesium oxide 5 Sandstone 15 Macadam of slag.

Other monumental or building stone 15 Dolomite ramming mix 5 Portland cement: Aluminous cement 20 Not crushed. Crushed or powdered 10 [ Cement clinkers 2.

Plasters 15 Crocidolite 20 Quicklime 15 Slaked lime 15 Mica powder 5 Talc 10 Hydraulic lime 15 Gypsum 10 Other hydraulic cements 20 Anhydrite 10 Mica waste 5 White cement. Feldspar 5.

Crude mica and mica rifted into sheets or 5 splittings Silver ores and concentrates 5 Antimony ores and cncentrates 5 Zirconium ores and concentrates 2 Uranium ores and concentrates 5 Roasted iron pyrites 5 Agglomerated 5 Iron ores and concentrates..

Thorium ores and concentrates 5 Roasted 5 Natural manganese dioxide 5 Earth colours 10 Non-agglomerated 5 Zirconium silicate 5 Containing mainly zinc: Anthracite 5 Containing mainly aluminium 5 Leaded gasoline sludges and leaded anti.

ARCHIVED - Chapter-by-Chapter Customs Tariff - T2015

Containing mainly copper 5 Ash and residues from the incineration of 20 municipal waste Containing antimony.. Agglomerated lignite 5 Coke of coal 2 Other coal 5 Containing arsenic. Hard zinc spelter 5 Bituminous coal 5 Coke of lignite or peat 5 Containing mainly lead: Phenols 5 Motor spirit 2 Creosote oils Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals other than crude and preparations not elsewhere specified or included.

Toluol toluene 5 Spirit type jet fuel 2 Benzol benzene 5 Aviation spirit 2 White spirit 10 Naphthalene 5 Pitch coke 5 Containing added flavouring or colouring 10 matter. Seeds of herbaceous plants cultivated principally 2 for their flowers.

Recent inquiry into the treaty making process A recent report by the Senate Standing Committees on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade outlined four problems with the current treaty making processes: 1. All the customs tariffs either on imported or exported goods vary from country to country and from items to items depending upon nature, value, and volume.

La page que vous recherchez n'existe plus ou bien une erreur s'est produite. Butanes Sodium sulphates: Loxechinus albus.

Palm hearts 15 Sunil is not a senior citizen as per the Income-tax Law and, hence, he is not exempted from payment of advance tax.

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